About Us

Noise Destroyer is all about Saving time and Effort with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Get started today and get rid of background noise!

We Are Noise Destroyer

At Noise Destroyer, we have a passion for using artificial intelligence to make your life easier and better.  We want to save you time and effort by helping you get the most value out of your time and effort.  Everyone hates having to re-record because of an interruption.  With noise destroyer, this is now a thing of the past!

AI Experts

Noise Destroyer makes use of the latest in artificial intelligence breakthroughs.  We use highly trained neural networks to remove all unwanted audio from your precious recordings so you don’t have to try again.

High Quality Audio

Having background noise can really mess up a recording.  Upload your audio and we’ll clean it for you and send it right back!

Next-Generation Technology

Noise Destroyer was designed from the ground up to give you the latest and greatest in AI at your fingertips.  Upload today to experience the power of AI doing your work for you!

Programming Experts

The code that runs our site was designed by machine learning experts who are incredibly skilled at their craft.  We also make use of open source software to ensure you get the best technology the world has to offer.

Have Fun!

Life should be fun, and so should recording audio.  We will help you have a lot of fun and help you get your recordings done on time so you don’t have to try again and again.  Just upload your audio, and our machine will start crunching.

Your Audio. Our PostProcessing.

We Believe in AI

AI can be used for humanity to automate repetitive tasks, or even do the impossible.  Before a few years ago, cutting out background noise was almost impossible.  But with advances in neural nets, we can now do the impossible in just a few minutes.  It uses incredible compute power, but we use advanced hardware to make sure that your files get processed in a reasonable amount of time, usually just a few minutes for larger files.

Want to get rid of background noise?

Upload your audio today and experience the power of Noise Destroyer!