Background Noise Removal API (javascript, python, C#, plus any other language with http!)

Noise Destroyer is a great way to get rid of background noise and do noise cancellation on your existing recordings. It works with pretty much any input audio format (mp3, m4a, wav, etc.), and you can also customize the output format. It can also be used for videos, but right now, you'll have to manually use ffmpeg to split audio and video (coming to API soon). It's super high performance and runs on AWS elastic cloud compute, meaning it can handle tremendous scale. The API is supposed to be easy to use and is available for any language. You can use it with any language because there is a nice API that works with anything. Right now, though, if you use javascript, python, or C#, you're in luck, as it's insanely easy to use... Please read the documentation to see how to use the API with one of our simple (npm, pip, nuget) packages. Otherwise, consult the reference documentation to learn about the available http endpoints. And before getting started, please get your api key!

Get Background Noise Removal API key


Detailed Reference Documentation

Once your in "production" please let us know if you need to scale tremendously at and we can accomodate you. Always good to let us know first because we have limits in place and we don't want you to run into them!